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‘Why don’t I have Facebook Marketplace?’: How to access Facebook Marketplace to buy and sell items in your area

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  • You may not have Facebook Marketplace for a number of reasons – if, for example, it isn’t available in your region, you don’t meet the age requirements, or you recently joined Facebook
  • Facebook Marketplace is a feature on the social media site used to trade, buy, or sell items like furniture, electronics, and vehicles with locals in your region. 
  • If you don’t have Facebook Marketplace, there are a number of ways you can try to gain access to it. 
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Facebook Marketplace, a free feature provided by the social media site, is where users can list, sell, buy, and trade items with locals in their region.

Marketplace offers users all kinds of things, whether it’s furniture for your home, a car for your driveway, or an actual piece of property on the market to purchase. Plus, using it is a breeze.

But not every Facebook user has access to Marketplace, which can be frustrating and lead one to wonder why they are missing out on the latest consumer trend. 

Why you may not have access to Facebook Marketplace

If you don’t have Marketplace, there may be a number of reasons why it isn’t showing up on your Facebook. 

You’re not in a region where Marketplace is available 

Currently, Marketplace is available to Facebook users in more than 70 countries — but it’s possible your region still doesn’t have access. 

If your Facebook profile region is set to a country where Marketplace is not available yet, you will not see the Marketplace icon (looks like a shopfront) on the iOS app, or the Marketplace bookmark on the left-hand menu on desktop. 

To find a list of countries where Marketplace is available, visit Facebook’s Marketplace directory

You’re not at least 18 years old

Marketplace is only available to Facebook users who are 18 years and older. 

You’re new to Facebook 

New users typically are not given access to Facebook Marketplace right away. 

This is because Facebook wants to cut down on potential scammers, who frequently delete and recreate profiles to sell fabricated items after they’ve been banned. 

You don’t use Marketplace enough for the icon to appear 

Facebook uses algorithms for its menus, meaning the groups, pages, or apps you use within the site generally appear higher up on the left-hand menu bar on desktop and on the menu accessed by tapping the three horizontal lines at the bottom right of the iOS app. 

Marketplace1Meira Gebel/Business Insider

If you use Marketplace infrequently, chances are it may have been replaced with another feature you use more often, and you won’t see it directly on the menu.  

You may have listed something that goes against Facebook’s policy 

To see if you may have listed something that went against Facebook Marketplace’s community policy, review Facebook’s policies. Then go to Marketplace > Request Review.  

How to access Facebook Marketplace if you don’t have it

However, there are a few ways to try and access Marketplace if it isn’t showing up.

If you can’t see the Marketplace icon in your home menu 

If you’re 18 years or older, and living in a region where Marketplace is available, you can go directly to it by typing into your browser. 

Visit Marketplace frequently enough, and it will begin to appear in the shortcut menu on your desktop and iOS device. 

Try logging out or reinstalling the Facebook app 

If you fit all the requirements needed for Marketplace but still cannot access it, try logging out of Facebook, or uninstalling and reinstalling the app. 

If your account is new, use it often 

If you are new to Facebook and don’t yet have access to Marketplace, make sure to be as active on the social media site as you can. This means commenting on posts, sharing photos, adding friends, and more.  

Change your region 

If you are in a region where Marketplace is not supported, or you’ve recently moved, set your Facebook profile region to a country that is by going to Settings > Language and Region. 

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