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UPS just redesigned its driver uniforms for the first time in decades. Here’s how the ‘browns’ have looked since 1921.

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  • UPS has unveiled its first major redesign of the "Browns" — its uniform for delivery people — in decades.
  • The new design will be worn by the 125,000 UPS drivers around the world.
  • See the evolution of the uniform, from its early 20th-century origins to the sporty design today.
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UPS has announced a major redesign of its iconic "Browns" uniform, the first refresh since the early-1920’s.

The last significant change was in the early 1990s when drivers began wearing shorts. Now, the new shorts will have reflective brand icons and stripes to increase visibility.

The new uniform also includes a polo-style shirt made out of "performance fabrics" with a three-button collar. The fabrics wick moisture, are breathable and improves the comfort of the drivers who operate in warmer temperatures, according to UPS. They also feature a darker brown color block on its sides.

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"UPS is in the midst of a company-wide transformation, and a significant part of that effort involves a cultural and brand shift that embraces innovation, speed and relevance," CMO Kevin Warren said in a prepared statement.

"Our new uniforms have a more contemporary look consistent with the company’s ongoing transformation efforts," Warren continued.

The company claims it used almost 4 million yards of brown cloth and 2 million yards of brown thread for the 375,000 hats, 405,000 shirts, 375,000 pairs of pants and 290,000 pairs of shorts. The old uniforms will be recycled.

Take a look at the refreshed uniform, as well as the evolution of the "Browns":

Two years before the official uniform issuing, drivers, such as this one in 1921, were already wearing full "Browns."


This 1922 photo shows drivers with iconic newsboy caps.


The uniforms in the 1920s featured knee-high boots, a full button-down shirt, and a tie underneath, which can be seen in this photo taken in 1923.


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